Holy Lance

Thursday, August 04, 2011


After 'death', we shall regret the bad things that we did, but we shall also regret the good things, the opportunities for Service, that we didn't do, but could - and should have done.
Life is a great and wonderful gift, make the most of it, make your life beautiful and worthwhile.

I have no desire to move mountains, construct monuments or leave behind in my wake material evidence of my existence. But in the final recollection, if the essence of my being has caused a smile to have appeared upon your face or a touch of joy within your heart, then in living I have made my mark - Thomas L. Odem Jr

Having a NDE awakened and changed me in many ways. It also brought me to full understanding that nobody is here on earth 'by accident', that we each have a  purpose, something we came here to do in this lifetime before we return 'home'....
When I look at the world, it seems that more and more, people are living out their lives as if their sole purpose is to 'get', rather than concentrating on living their soul purpose ... which is to give - Jules Lyons

You cannot redeem yourself by fruitless regret. If you have brought harm to some part of the creation, you can help to set things right by giving a greater amount of good or helpful action to that part of the creation so harmed. (From 'The Wisdom of Ramadahn')

Life is a school. Through hardship and struggle, striving and difficulty, adverse circumstance, storms and tempests, the spirit finds itself - Silver Birch

Near-death experiences: Many of the patients have spoken of the peace they experienced; beautiful, indescribable peace - no pain, no anxiety. They tell us that all that matters is how much you have loved, how much you have cared and if you know these things then you cannot possibly be afraid of death - Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Why have most of those who went through a near-death experience lost their fear of death? Reflect upon this - Eckhart Tolle

My mother's face lit up with joy. She smiled the most marvellous smile. She seemed to come alive. She suddenly sat up in bed, her arms out towards someone with a great look of happiness and then after a pause sank back down on the pillow and died not long after - From 'The Art of Dying' by Dr Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick

Sunset, sunrise: There is no death, life is a continuum.

There is no death, life goes on in the spiritual realms. Fear not, you'll meet your loved ones (both people and pets) again. Love cannot be separated from its beloved.

There is nothing to fear in death...There is weeping when people die in your world, but there is rejoicing in ours. Death means that the life has served its purpose, or should have done, and the individual is ready to enjoy all the tremendous richness and beauty that the spirit life has to offer - Silver Birch

When I come to your world I am like a bird that is imprisoned within a cage, and when I leave it I am like a bird joyfully released to wing its way through boundless space. What you call death is the opening of the cage and the release of the bird from its prison - Silver Birch

Do not mourn because the caterpillar has become a beauteous butterfly. Do not weep because the cage has been opened and the bird has been set free. Rejoice and know that the enfranchised soul has found liberty and that, if you would but unfold the powers that the Great Spirit has given you, you could share some of the new beauty and joy which is theirs. You could understand the plan of death and realise that death is but a stepping stone, a door through which you enter into the larger freedom of the realms of the spirit - Silver Birch

Never be afraid of death, it is the gift of life. Never grieve for us, we are not dead. We live a life of beauty and happiness.
Life on earth is like living in a valley; life over here is like being transported to the mountain top where the great vision of life is laid before one - Percy Welsford ('The Golden Key')

To die will be an awfully big adventure. - J. M . Barrie


A beautiful NDE as experienced by an American called Bryce Bond after having been taken seriously ill.
He remembered passing through a long tunnel towards a bright light and then...
"I hear a bark and racing toward me is a dog I once had, a black poodle named Pepe.
When I see him, I feel an emotional floodgate open. Tears fill my eyes. He jumps into my arms, licking my face. As I hold him, he is real, more real than I had ever experienced him. I can smell him, feel him, hear his breathing and sense his great joy at being with me again"
(Then his stepfather appeared).
"I put my dog on the ground and step forward to embrace my stepfather, when  a strong voice is heard in my consciousness. 'Not yet' it says. I scream out "Why?" Then this inner voice says "What have you learned? And who have you helped?" I am dumbfounded. The voice seems to be from without as well as from within. Everything stops for a moment. I have to think of what was asked of me. I cannot answer what I have learned, but I can answer who I have helped.
I feel the presence of my dog about me as I ponder these two questions.
Then I hear barking and other dogs appear, dogs I once had.
As I stand there in what seems to be an eternity, I want to embrace and be absorbed and merge. I want to stay. The sensation of not wanting to come back is overwhelming".
Bryce was also greeted by all of his relatives who had passed on before him. He experienced these loved ones as somewhat younger in form and face than when he had last seen them, healthier and happier.
He remembered racing backward through the same tunnel he had entered  when it was time to leave and reviving in time to witness a hypodermic needle being plunged into his arm.
"I heard a voice say 'Welcome back.' I never asked who said that and nor did I care.
I was told I had been 'dead' for over ten minutes."

Horses and dogs were playing together and when they stopped they seemed to stare a  hole right through me. I was told they were checking to see if  I was the person they were waiting for that they had loved while on earth - An extract from a NDE account given by a lady called Mary


You came into the world with nothing and you'll leave it with nothing - except the indelible record of your conduct in this life, for good or ill.